DIY-Dad’s Grilling Platter (16″ Platter)


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Color Options

  • Light Main Color (base color)
  • Accent Color
  • Accent Color
  • Accent Color

This makes a great Father's Day gift!

Paint your own platter for Father's Day!

Please choose a light main color (as your base) and 3 additional accent colors per piece


If you want your piece to look like the picture, just select "none" when picking out colors

Drop off for your painted pieces are Wednesday 12-3 or Saturday 12-3. Please make sure your name, phone number, and ID marking for each piece in the bag. There will be a bin for drop off outside the door to place your bag in. We will fire your piece(s) and when complete you will receive a text message when your order is ready for pickup. Pick up is same time as drop off....Wednesday 12-3 or Saturday 12-3.

Please drop off no later than June 17th for your piece to be ready by June 20th! That way you have it for Father's Day!


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