Ceramics On The Go

We love to have people in our studio, but we know that sometimes it’s just easier for us to bring the party to you. For the occasions when you want to do a project in your own space, contact us and let us set you up right.

Who’s On The Go

  • Schools

  • Daycares

  • Park Districts

  • Summer Programs

  • Churches

  • Girl and Boy Scout Troops

  • Ladies Nights

  • Birthday Parties

  • Nursing Centers

  • Retirement Communities

  • Senior Activities and more!

Locations On The Go

We serve all of Lake County and beyond. Some locations require a travel fee of $25 or more.

What’s included on the go 

Ceramic pieces, paint and paint brushes. We will provide some guidelines and be available to answer questions or concerns. We carry non-toxic lead-free paints.

Scheduling and pickup 

Call the studio with your event date. We will get all necessary materials together and ready for pick-up or delivery. You then have your event and once returned, CFY will fire and package each piece individually. (Takes about 7 days for turn-around)